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Summer Reading Program

Tracking for the Summer Reading program will end in...


Looking to submit your reading hours? Use this form.

To keep things simple, tracking your reading began on the first day of Summer — Thursday, June 20th.

Postcards to submit your hours in-person along with the form to submit hours online will be made available when the program starts.  A maximum of 250 reading hours may be submitted per participant.

Yes!  We feel time spent reading is worth being rewarded for adults too.  Each hour of reading tracked will become one entry into the drawing for the prize of your choice.

There will be 5 gift card prize options and each will be valued at $30. 
     — Amazon
     — Coffee Shop*
     — Google Play or iTunes
     — Restaurant*
     — Stewart’s Shops

*Your choice. Must be located within Watertown and offer gift card option.

Participants may only win one prize. 

You will have two options:

1st: Pick up a postcard to complete at the Circulation Desk or take home and bring back at a later date.

2nd: Use the online form link — click here

Enter your hours* as often as you would like via these options.  Amanda will take care of the rest.  

*An individual will be allowed a maximum of 250 reading hours submitted for the duration of the reading program.  

No!  The books, audiobooks and e-books do not have to be borrowed from the Library to count.  Same can be said for magazines, newspapers, journal articles, etc.   Time spent reading social media posts should not be counted.

Reading hour postcards must be submitted by 4:55 pm on Saturday, September 21st in order to be entered into the drawings.  Online entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm on Saturday, September 21st.  

The winners will be notified within one week of the program end date. 🙂 

Participants must be ages 18+.

Prizes will not be mailed.

Winners must be able to pick up at the Library.

Errors in ticket allocation will be corrected at Amanda’s discretion.  (ex.  you read 6 hours but allocate 7 tickets…)

As stated under “How do I submit my prize entries,” an individual will be allowed a maximum of 250 reading hours submitted for the duration of the reading program.

Participants may win only one prize. If name is drawn was already drawn for a prize, Amanda will draw another name.

Book Club Options

Be Creative with Amanda

On select Wednesday evenings crafting programs will be offered.  Details will be provided in the library newsletter as well as the online events calendar and our Facebook account.  These offerings will be a mix of in-person and/ or kit options.

When in-person:

  • All supplies required for the project will be provided to you.
  • Maximum capacity will vary and will be included in the program description.
  • One craft project to be completed per person. 
  • For some, leftover supplies may be turned in to kits for pickup after 12 pm the following day.

When it is a kit:

  • Kit release times will vary by program.  For kit only programs, pick up will available starting at 9 am on that Wednesday.  Leftover supplies turned into kits will be available after 12 pm the following day. 
  • Not all supplies will be provided.  The kit will include a list of what else will be needed and/or is suggested to complete the project.
  • Kits are available on a first come, first serve basis. No reservations.
  • Typically the limit will be 2 kits per person unless otherwise stated in program description.  Please share the craftiness if taking more than 1.
  • Step-by-step instructions will be provided in one of two ways: 
    1 — Included on the kit postcard.
    2 — Available on the Library’s YouTube Channel and in the discussion section of the Facebook event.  Video availability will match the kit release time. 


2 Videos

Have questions about these programs?  Reach out to Amanda at 315.785.7715 or through the Library’s Facebook or Instagram messenger.  

Additional Resources

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Photo of Amanda.

Meet Amanda:
Hello everyone! I have been a librarian at Flower since 2007.  I select materials for the Adult fiction collection in a variety of formats along with offering crafty adult programming.  When I’m not at the library, you’ll likely find me still making projects or playing with my golden retrievers. 

If you have any questions about this content page, reach out to me at 315.785.7715.

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Meet Ashley:
Hi all! I have been a librarian at Flower Library since 2010. I purchase for and maintain all adult nonfiction collections and am in charge of educational adult events, genealogy presentations, proctoring, and website maintenance. I enjoy bringing new events and topics to the library! When I’m not at the reference desk, you can find me chasing after littlest loves at home (and sneaking in a good book or two!).

Contact me at 315-785-7714.